Are your Skills Job-Ready?
Learn Essential Computer Skills & Microsoft Office+

Be Ready for today’s Job Market – Your Course purchase includes a Brand New Laptop, all the software you will require and a  personalized support team to assist you, should you need it.
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Learn Microsoft Office, Windows & Essential Computer Skills Online

Be Ready for today’s Job Market and we even send you a new laptop to learn your new skills.

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Course Packages

HARDWARE you’ll receive with your first purchase

Your first course purchase includes a new laptop, computer bag, wireless mouse and high performance headphones including 1 year subscription to the latest version of Microsoft Office 365. We ship it to you, completely setup with your login and password and your course software.


Computer Essentials

Designed for the beginner, learning how to use and navigate around computers.

79 Interactive
Video Lessons


Microsoft Office Basics

Designed for the beginner, learning how to use Microsoft Office Basic Skills.

99 Interactive
Video Lessons


Microsoft Office Proficiency

Designed for moderate office users who want to learn how to use more advanced office features.

141 Interactive
Video Lessons


The Complete Microsoft Bundle

This bundle will allow students who can navigate around a computer but have no Microsoft Office skills to become skilled and comfortable and be ready to work in an office environment

240 Interactive
Video Lessons


The Complete Job-Ready Bundle

This bundle will allow a total beginner to become comfortable navigating around a computer to being completely proficient in Microsoft Office suite products.
These skills will prepare the student for most general office jobs

319 Interactive
Video Lessons


We Provide Full Remote Support, no matter where you are

(internet access required)

Coming Soon
Career Specific Course Bundles

Post-Secondary Training School Referral Program

We are working hard to bring to “Job Specific” courses, in the very near future.
We are also partnering up with post-secondary colleges and training institutes as part of our career guidance and referral placement initiative to assist “Education Counselors” place band members to ensure maximum success in their training

Whats included in your
initial course bundle

Included in your first course bundle purchase, we will ship you:

>   A brand new laptop, completely setup with all the relevant software, ready to go
>   Your selected Course software bundle
>   Remote support software
>   A Mouse
>   Headphones
>   Computer Bag/Sleeve


Do we offer “ON-SITE” training packages?2017-05-17T22:27:49-07:00

YES! We offer onsite training at your chosen location (School, Friendship Centre, Community Centre, Band Office, etc.)
When you need 5 or more members trained, we will come to you location and provide a 1 week training personalized training session of the first module when purchasing the “Complete Job-Ready” bundles

How long does a course take?2017-03-15T06:19:45-07:00

Once you start a module in the course is valid for 3 months, you can work at your own pace to maximize learning.

How do I sign-up for a course?2017-03-15T06:36:32-07:00

We work exclusively with local band offices to get our training courses to community members. If you are a Band Member, please contact your Band and if your band hasn’t signed up with us, you will receive a $100.00 Pre-Paid Visa card for referring them to us

Does the student get to keep the laptop after completing the course?2017-03-15T06:31:08-07:00

YES! once the student complete the course successfully, they can keep the laptop to practice their new found skills.

However if you fail, the laptop belongs the property of the band for use in their community to help others.

Who can enrol?2017-03-15T06:36:02-07:00

This site was designed  exclusively  for First Nations community and any member with status can enrol through their band.


Get discounted pricing, when you select multiple members for training

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