Benefits of Learning with FNTA

First Nations Training Academy (aka. FNTA) is an initiative organization exclusively committed to assisting to make First Nations communities across Canada become stronger through education and training.  The FNTA works closely with Bands & other Aboriginal organizations to give all Status holding First Nations members, the best opportunities for success!

Bands & Training Organizations

Please complete the form below and we will send you a complete information package, including our discounted course price list for multiple members and details on how we ship you a free laptop, completely setup with the students login information, all course materials including the latest version of MS office and personalized support for each user.

Band Members

Please help us make your band aware of our exclusive service, designed just for First Nations band members. In return you will qualify for a *$100.00 Pre-Paid Visa Card for your efforts. (* to qualify for this offer, only one referral is accepted per band referred and the band must make at least I bundle purchase)

What do Band members get

Train at your pace

Band members can start off with the basics and gradually upgrade to job ready skills with our advanced bundles.

The Student will have a valid licence for 3 months  once they start a module to practice and complete.

Free laptop

Included in your first bundle is a brand-new laptop, an incentive for band members who successfully complete their bundle (with passing  marks),  can keep the laptop to continue to practice their new found skills.

Note: Practice Makes Perfect!

Multiple course options

More online courses are being researched and developed, so members can acquire the right skills from the comfort of their home.

We welcome suggestions of what career path you would like to take and we will do our utmost to assist you.

Experience the difference learning can make for you.

Get in touch with us to get started.

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