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Become job ready with the right job skills, study from anywhere at your own pace. Our E-courses are interactive, making the courses a fraction of the price of attending a post-secondary college. Best of all by studying through First Nations Training Association you can get a new laptop to study on, so when you complete the course and get certified, you get to keep the Laptop! (conditions apply)


Designed for the beginner, learning how to use and navigate around computers. Includes:
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  • Mouse Tutorials

  • General Basic Skills

  • Computer Basics

  • Windows 10 Basics

  • Windows 10 File Management

  • Exploring the Web

Computer Essentials
79 Lessons


Microsoft Office

Designed for the beginner, learning how to use and navigate around computers.
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  • Microsoft Word Basics

  • Microsoft Excel Basics

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Basics

  • Microsoft Outlook Basics

MS Basics
99 Lessons


Microsoft Office

Designed for moderate office users who want to learn how to use more advanced office features.
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  • Microsoft Word – Intermediate 1
  • Microsoft Word – Intermediate 2
  • Microsoft Word – Proficient
  • Microsoft Excel – Intermediate
  • Microsoft Excel – Proficient
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate
  • Microsoft Access

MS Proficient
141 Lessons


Complete Microsoft

This bundle will allow students who can navigate around a computer but have no Microsoft Office skills to become skilled and comfortable and be ready to work in an office environment

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  • Microsoft Word – Basics

  • Microsoft Word – 1 + 2 + Proficient
  • Microsoft Excel – Basics

  • Microsoft Excel – Intermediate + Proficient

  • Microsoft PowerPoint – Basics+ Intermediate

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Outlook Basics

Complete MS Office
240 Lessons


Complete Job-Ready

This bundle will allow a total beginner to become comfortable navigating around a computer to being completely proficient in Microsoft Office suite products. These skills will prepare the student for most general office jobs

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  • Computer Essentials Bundle

  • Microsoft Office Basics Bundle

  • Microsoft Office Proficient Bundle

Job-Ready Bundle
319 Lessons



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